The Birth of a Country

Naming our band Fenian Raid pays tribute to the birth of our nation

We read the books, took the pictures, spoke to the Historians and completed the walking tours.  

NTRODUCTION - Ridgeway 1866! Limestone Ridge & The Maple Leaf Forever: The American Fenian Invasion and the Forgotten Battle That Made Canada by Peter Vronsky

"On June 1, 1866, Canada was invaded by a thousand heavily armed Irish-American Fenian insurgents who crossed over the Niagara River from Buffalo, N.Y. Approximately 22,000 Canadian volunteer militia were called out in Upper and Lower Canada (or Canada West and Canada East as Ontario and Quebec were known between 1841 and Confederation in 1867.) On the morning of June 2, 850 Canadian militia soldiers were deployed to intercept the Fenians near the small town of Ridgeway, approximately ten miles west of Fort Erie.

The Canadian soldiers really were mostly teenage boys and young men—farmers’ sons, shopkeepers, apprentices, clerks and two volunteer rifle companies of University of Toronto students hastily called out the day before to face an invasion from the United States by Fenian insurgents bent on driving the British out of Ireland by striking into Canada..... Read more "

The Maple Leaf Forever. This national treasure makes a quick but poignant appearance on our debut album Acoustic Shadows.

Our third track on our album called "The Battle of Limestone Ridge" aka, “The Battle of Ridgeway,” incorporates the actual words that the Queens Own Rifles of Toronto Company sang and marched into battle to stand for this country in 1866.

More on the Fenian Raids. 

Battle of Ridgeway by Peter Vronsky
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Acoustic Shadow

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An acoustic shadow is an area through which sound waves fail to propagate, due to topographical obstructions or disruption of the waves via phenomena such as wind currents. As one website refers to it, "an acoustic shadow is to sound what a mirage is to light".

QORC shortly after battle