the band

Fenian Raid is a Folk Rock Band with a Celtic stomp form Ridgeway Ontario. 

"This 4 piece from Ridgeway/ Burlington has an assault of sound, defending its borders with rhythmic invasion and force. Taking back the Ridge that was rightfully theirs as they foot stomp and beat their way through time capturing the forgotten but an ever important piece of Canadian history spotlighted in their music -The Battle of Ridgeway. "

Naming our band Fenian Raid pays tribute to the birth of our nation.

The Fenian Raids in 1866 first battle took place in Ridgeway Ontario only 2 miles from where 3 of us now live. Known as the forgotten battle in Canadian history -The Battle of Ridgeway, marked the triumphant unity of our great country as Sir John A Macdonald rallied the colonials to bravely fight off the Fenian’s and establish a new unifying identity - Canada. Confederation followed. Soldier Alexander Muir served with the Queens Own Rifles of Toronto Company in the Battle of Ridgeway against the Fenian’s. This experience inspired him to write Canada’s first national anthem – The Maple Leaf Forever. This national treasure makes a quick but poignant appearance on our debut album Acoustic Shadows.

Our love of Canada, passion for the outdoors and Canadian music runs deep with us and inspires the music we write and perform. It’s hard not to be influenced and inspired by legends like Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers, Stomping Tom Connors and the likes of more modern day Canadian heroes like Neil Young, Sam Roberts, Great Big Sea, the HIP etc...

Or music is rooted in tradition with traditional instruments but played with a fierce new energy connecting the old and new. Belting harmonies, foot stomping and the driving catchy choruses energizes.

Our original work written by our lead singer and song writer Angus Butler tells the stories of our lives, his inner thoughts, our trips into the wilderness to escape and the history of Canada and Canadians past and present.

All of this culminates into our debut CD release called Acoustic Shadows. Co-produced and engineered by Steve Pitkin at Modest Heights Studios. Steve is also known as the drummer of our favourite Canadian band - Juno Award winning Elliott Brood.

Our third track "The Battle at Limestone Ridge" aka, “The Battle of Ridgeway,” incorporates the actual words that the Queens Own Rifles of Toronto Company sang and marched into battle to stand for this country in 1866.

With our Sunday’s best on we will see you and your neighbours at the local to share a pint a story and song or two.

Fenian Raid

Angus Butler - Vocals/Banjo/Guitar/Ukulele/Harmonica
Kevin Crone - Bass/Ukulele Bass/Mandolin
Frank Devereaux - Guitar/Accordion/Spoons
Scott Fretz - Drums & Percussion

Hometown: Ridgeway, ON (Kev's from Burlington)

Record Label: Indie

First CD Release: Acoustic Shadows
Release Date: May 2013

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